Tourism has new horizons: Cloe, Cilento Land of Experience

Tourism has new horizons: Cloe, Cilento Land of Experience

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Tourism will be never the same, we know it. Covid-19 is forcing us to rethink the way you travel. CLOE – CILENTO LAND OF EXPERIENCES meets new consumer needs.

What will the future of tourism be like after Covid 19? Certainly, the modern travellers will have new needs. In particular, they will be looking for quality and environmental sustainability. But also reliability of facilities in terms of healthiness, health safety and space size.


Therefore, the new scenario that will be emerging is the local tourism. In other words, holidays will be develop in one’s own region or in the neighbouring ones, but not beyond national borders. The rediscovery of small villages and contact with nature is the future of the travel experience.

On the other hand, the lifestyle of these places is characterized by a more human scale. People who live there have a deep connection with its culture and its products.  Thus, these villages are not simply agglomerates of houses but are places of authenticity, relationships and identities. Without taking into account that, by their nature, they guarantee greater security due to the quota numbers.

In this context, the territory of Cilento is the destinations that best meet the new needs of travelers. Cilento is national park and World Heritage Site located south of Salerno; as a matter of fact, for the beauty of the landscapes, the scent of the craft shops and the genuine flavors, certainly represents healthier as well as fascinating evnvironment.

The enhancement of these resources is at the basis of the philosophy of Cloe – Cilento Land of Experiences, a start-up that has revised and rethought the way of living Cilento. The promotion is smart and renews the concept of tourism. In other words, is a system of experiences and culture of encounter.

Cloe is an online marketplace that collects a series of experiences, tours and activities to do in Cilento. A Local Buddy  – a person who lives there – will be not a simple guide, but a real narrator of places and experiences. That is the peculiarity of the proposed activities. These are heterogeneous, and with a high emotional content. So, you will be able to take part in tastings in wineries overlooking the sea, panoramic trekking, handcraft workshops, typical cooking classes. But also fishing tourism, boat trips, visits to farms, speleological tours in caves. And adrenaline activities, such as rafting and zipline.

In short, Cloe allows you to get in touch with the atmosphere and the magic of Cilento in an active way. The guest will live original experiences, characterized by the transmission of identity, values, traditions and the true essence of this territory.

Curious to know more? Be inspired by our proposals and discover a new way of living Cilento! For more information, please visit or call +39 331 7799794

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