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NZIRIA® was born in 2004 as a Cultural Association in Castel San Giorgio in the Province of Salerno, as an organization dedicated to promoting cultural events in the realms of independent art and music. In 2013, some of its members relocated to various national and international cities, involving a larger network of associates. The mission is to blend local culture with international experiences and vice versa, achieved through the promotion of cultural and artistic events, landscape appreciation, travel, food, and traditions. Out of this vision, NZIRIA MAGAZINE was born, a web magazine aimed at narrating new travel experiences and exploring emerging realities in music, art, and culinary traditions. In 2022, NZIRIA BEER emerged as the first Italian social beer, produced in collaboration with the AEFFE brewery in Nocera Inferiore. It is designed to support the Association and engage individuals who wish to contribute to the promotion of culture and their local territory.


Philosophy & Project _ Rock and Reaction against the social depression. The first slogan was Mo' Bast! (Stop Now!) and right after "NZIRIA Fonte di Vita" (Quality and Life). The purpose was to fight any social depression forms through the only one possible peace weapon: The Rock Music and the Street Art.


"NZIRIA MEANING: N'Ziria is a Neapolitan word and it means a strong desire."

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