3rd Space Boxes

London, Prime Meridian, Greenwich: our first NZIRIA working group at the opening of “The Prime” NZIRIA planet #3rdSpaceBoxes prototype

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#3rdSpaceBoxes << The Real Art of Mind >>     is a NZIRIA exhibition recycling  project. Fashion system, mass media, consumerism, globalization,internet, vogue, pollution, money are some of the topics described in an exposition where the boxes, installations of 15cmx15cmx15cm, deal with controversial, aspects of a post-modern society. The concept behind the exposition is on the “Third Space Theory” of Homi K. Bhabha, regarding the way the brain develops incorporating the artefacts shared by the community and accumulated since generations. The poetry of the exhibition, transforms the space in a hybrid, where the images repeated, decomposed and rebuilt again, create new projections, where the waste by-product is a composition of artworks, all stricktly hand-made.


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