The 3rd Space Box finally arrives in Italy!

The 3rd Space Box finally arrives in Italy!

NZIRIA 3rd space box
3rd Space Box arrives in Italy, after the great enthusiasm and support gathered in London. The box is an innovative artistic project, whose mission is to bring together new and different forms of art, and then merge and circumscribe them within the enclosed space of a box. Taking its cue from Bahbha’s philosophical theories, the “third space” proposed by NZiria aims to raise awareness of environmental issues. Through the use of recycled materials, 3rd space box underlines the importance of a sustainable lifestyle. Finally, NZiria calls all the Italian artists – or even just those who feel so – living in the country, for the creation of the next travelling box.

NZiria’s new products do not stop there. The cultural association, after the launch of its magazine, presents a new and exclusive creation in Italy: the 3rd Space Box. Is a magic box that, once opened, tells a hundred thousand stories. These are the stories of each artist, who tells a bit about himself through an object or an image. Its interior is made of any recycled material (from paper to plastic, from glass to wood to clothing), to give life to a unique creation. So the 3rd space box is a space where everyone’s creativity is free to express itself, with the plus of a very low environmental impact.

The inspirations

The inspiration for the 3rd Space Box came from philosophical, ethical and anthropological fields. Literally, the “third space” is an immaterial and abstract place of meeting and cultural hybridization. This theory was developed in the 1990s by Homi K. Bahbha, a prominent Indian philosopher and professor at Harvard University and one of the leading exponents of post-colonial studies. The latter are concerned with analysing the evolution of social identity, sociology, race and ethnicity since the decline of the colonial era onwards.

Therefore, Bhabha minimizes the discriminatory concept of difference in order to maximize the concept of convergence. The historical imprint of colonialism has left evident traces in the complexity of our present. More than ever, today concepts such as “frontier” and “demarcation line” have returned to the forefront. And in the 3rd space box, the crossbreeding and coexistence between several cultures is a point of contact and growth. Here ties and meanings are renewed, form is abolished to make space for content. Personal enrichment is the main focus, cancelling hierarchies and antagonisms between rulers and domination. After more than twenty years, Bhabha’s theories are now more relevant than ever.

3rd space boxThe 3rd Space Box Today

NZiria team introduced the very first 3rd space box last year in London, in the Greenwich district, with the title The real art of mind. The box immediately became a diversified and innovative solution to fight one of the biggest problems of our society: waste. Visitors and onlookers immediately welcomed and acclaimed the recycle creation, “unveiled” in the evocative location of the Greenwich Meridian. And now the project becomes more ambitious. NZiria produced again the second installation in England, but this time the 3rd space box lands  in Italy, finally revealing itself to its public. After months of clues, the place and content – long awaited – of the travelling installation will be discovered. Little spoiler: there will be two cult symbols of Italian (and Neapolitan) culture.

Do you feel creative? NZiria is looking for you, for the future 3rd space boxes! For those who are interested, just write an email to So propose your work, then we will install it inside a box, measuring 15x15x15. This will be exclusive, and will be announced on our website.  The individual creations will then be picked up and presented through a video, edited by a member of the association. Lastly, they will be shown in an exhibition, which will be held as soon as a valid number of works is reached, such as to fill the space we will make available.


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