Matteo Moda: the modernity expressed through canvas and acrylics

Matteo Moda: the modernity expressed through canvas and acrylics

Matteo Moda is a young artist who exhibited his works for the first time last June in Milan. Through a critical study of reality, Matteo tells us about our complex and sometimes stifling society with garish acrylics.

A visit to Milan sometimes gifts the pleasure of running into the unexpected. The Nziria Magazine crew, visiting Cascina Martesana last June, uncovered the unexpected during the second edition of contemporary art at the El Bagnin De Gorla exhibition gallery.
Here, for the first time, the young talent Matteo Moda exhibited his paintings, with a collection entitled Contemporary on Canvas. We did not miss the chance to get to know him more closely.

matteo moda

Born in 1988, Matteo has a degree in economics and works in the field of digital marketing. But he has an innate talent for painting on canvas, which he decided to concretize and consolidate. The genes in his family are also involved; his grandfather is Mario Nigro, a famous Italian painter of modern art. Thanks to him, Matteo approaches canvases and colors. He also has a soft spot for street art, and his influences are effectively mixed in his works.

The potential of his paintings has always been so much, but it had never really been expressed before. We have to go back to 2017, when Matteo, after several trips around the world (between Southeast Asia and Australia) decided to seriously devote some time to his art, and started working on his drawings again. And through word of mouth, he manages to fulfill his dream: to exhibit in a gallery.

A critical observer of reality, Matteo contextualizes everyday problems sarcastically, always trying to provoke and stimulate his audience. In current events, he finds his cues for creation: environmental sustainability and protection of the planet for example or a life lived during the Covid pandemic between love, loneliness, fluctuating moods, and changing habits. But also the concept of politics and the abuse of power; and the problems and anxieties arising from our society, which is increasingly a slave to technologies.
matteo moda

There are personal experiences either. In “Don’t be slave of society” in fact, the artist best expresses all the disease, caused by the spasmodic use of social networks, both a blessing and a curse of our times.

The use of acrylic best represents Matteo’s ideas. In his paintings, in addition to shades and bright colors, the distinguishing feature is a title: this, inserted in the work, relates to the proposed idea, encapsulates and explains it. In it, the viewer can find a key to it, to better enjoy the work.

Matteo’s plans are disparate. While he would like to work on his illustrations and collaborate with other galleries, he does not exclude that he would like to make prints of his paintings for T-shirts, posters, and large-scale photographs.

Visit Matteo’s website >>CLICK HERE<<

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