The Italian Dracula: a chat with its amazing performer

The Italian Dracula: a chat with its amazing performer

VLAD DRACULA arrives in the major Italian theaters, an innovative show that blends prose and musicals through a cinematographic dramaturgy.

While referring to the original work by Bram Stoker, Vlad Dracula is much more than a simple modern reinterpretation of the famous novel by the Irish writer.It is rather a transposition from the goth/steampunk setting, orchestrated by the skilful direction of Ario Avecone and embellished by the unpublished music written by Simone Martino, Ario Avecone e Manuela Scotto Pagliara, able to create a strong references to the contemporary post-industrial society.

A show that can boast a plot full of twists, where time and love are the imaginary protagonists of a spiritual journey that pushes the viewer to reflect on reality to the point of moving him positively. There are many scenographic effects on stage, all of the latest generation and with a strong sound and visual impact, capable of keeping the audience’s eye glued to the stage.

NZiria magazine had the honor of attending the premiere of the show at the Augusteo Theater in Salerno and interviewing the protagonist Giorgio Adamo. Here’s what we asked him:



Giorgio Adamo artist,

– Giorgio, what do you feel every time you perform?

Strong emotion never fails! The tension is always high and the thrill of the pre-show still manages to create that state of vulnerability due to the exposure, the responsibility you carry on your shoulders and the inner emotional universe that characterizes each of us. I just put my foot on the stage to start the transformation; everything becomes muffled, I fully enter the atmosphere that surrounds me and the interpretative bubble makes me immune to all fears. At that moment I AM what I bring on stage and the spell persists until the curtain closes.

-What is the musical for you? When did you start and realized it was your way?
The musical is the opportunity to express yourself at 360 degrees. It is a complete discipline that involves the body, the mind, the word, the singing, the technique, the mechanics and much more and creates a human chain of unmatched cooperation. I started out as a rock frontman, but felt I needed to bring out something that was pounding inside of me. I auditioned almost for fun, I was chosen as a co-star and from that moment I felt satisfied. The theater gave me that extra something I was looking for.


-Do you have any other brand new projects?

young geriatrix Nziria artist


Right now,  I am thinking only to VLAD DRACULA with the hope of repeating it next season because, it is a project that particularly involved me. At the same time I dedicate myself to my music. My single YOUNG GERIATRIX has just been released on all digital platforms, produced together with Fabio Codega and distributed by Ingrooves for Joseba Label. The video clip on YouTube directed by the valuable singer-songwriter and videomaker DENISE GALDO is also out. There’s a record in the works and many beautiful perspectives.





salerno teatro augusteo_nziriaThe entire cast of Vlad Dracula is made up of an Italian artistic excellence and interpreters of experience and acclaimed talent:


written by Ario Avecone and Manuela Scotto Pagliara
music by Simone Martino, Ario Avecone and Manuela Scotto Pagliara


ensemble Anna Gargiulo| Alessandro Carradori| Luca Nencetti | Frederick Moscow

Assistant Director Antonio Melissa
Scenography Michele Lubrano Lavadera and Ario Avecone
Costumes Myriam Sum | Lights Alessandro Caso
Vocal Coach Adriano Scappini / Acting Coach Antonio Speranza
Directors of Company Rossella Massari

Antonio Speranza / Stagecraft behind the scenes
Booking and Marketing Giovanna Gattino / Technical coordination Alessandro Caso
Technical company direction Antonio Buonincontri
Stage seamstress Adelaide D’Ago / Eolo Perfido studio photo / Stage photo Adriano Criscuolo and Valerio De Felicis
Video Guglielmo Lipari and Alfonso Ruggiero / Recording studio Trees Studio / Web Editing Photoacris and Giampietro Marra
Press Office Lia Chirici VerbaVolant


Here’s where to buy tickets for the main Italian dates: >>Click here<<

On stage, an innovative and spectacular technical and scenographic set-up, full of effective light effects with a strong impact that will envelop and captivate the spectators in the hall.

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