The Divine Retribution: Nemesi in Greek Mythology and Stefano Attuario’s Debut Album

The Divine Retribution: Nemesi in Greek Mythology and Stefano Attuario’s Debut Album

In ancient Greece, the deity Nemesi personified divine retribution, restoring cosmic order disrupted by human transgressions. She was the one who dispensed joys and sorrows, hopes and afflictions, smiles and pains to humanity, regardless of social status or roles.

Inspired by this Greek mythological figure, singer-songwriter Stefano Attuario from Como releases his debut album. Here, Nemesi becomes a metaphor for his personal quest for balance after intense and tumultuous years. The album is a concept piece focused on the conflict between good and evil, with morality seen as a demon and redemption taking on the role of a guardian angel of mistakes.

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Is it possible to debut in the music industry at 50? The answer is yes, especially if you have valid ideas and something to say. And this is precisely the case with “Nemesi.”

The album, produced by Max Zanotti (the historic leader of Deasonika), presents dark atmospheres and gritty sounds characteristic of a certain dirty and melancholic post-punk that encapsulates the delicate and introspective soul of its author.

The 10 tracks feature complex arrangements and distortions that enhance Attuario’s enigmatic and hermetic lyrics. He skillfully paints chiaroscuro portraits of predominantly painful experiences. The goal is to guide the listener through a flow that leads to catharsis via an introspective journey filled with deliriums, mystical images, pains, and harrowing truths.

The songs tell stories of internal conflicts (“Un Demone La Mia Morale”), triumphs over injustice (“Perle ai porci”), suicides (“Liberi Respiri – and the silence in between,” written with Ray Heffernan), struggles with personal dependencies (“Sentenze”), and reflections on modern society (“Arcobaleni in Bianco e Nero”).

In this dark landscape, two exceptions stand out: “Vello D’Oro,” a delicate ballad that seems written by a mature and wise Vasco Rossi, and “Nemesi,” the final outro where Attuario’s voice is welcoming and peaceful.


The result is a highly commendable, authentic, and undoubtedly moving debut for listeners. An excellent start for Stefano Attuario, a self-taught artist who turned to music after developing a deep connection with the arts. His passion for reading has shaped his artistic sensitivity, inspired by authors like Charles Bukowski.

His resume includes two published novels, awards in poetry competitions, and hosting a radio program—clear signs of an expanding creative universe that intertwines music and writing to offer a unique artistic experience.

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Written by Silvia Nasti


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