On one side, America, with its sounds and cultural influences, serves as the backdrop and imaginary horizon. On the other side, the alleys of Naples act as the stage and epicenter of daily narratives.

This duality between Naples and America has long been present in Neapolitan songwriting and has become a “style” in its own right. It is within this tradition that the singer-songwriter Valerio Bruner, in a neo-classical yet deeply personal manner, places himself with his album “Vicarìa,” refreshing the messages and values cherished by artists like Pino Daniele and Edoardo Bennato.

“Vicarìa” can be summarized this way: an album where Naples becomes the crossroads of the world, a setting not only of enchanting beauty but also of total perdition, a melting pot of stories that exude both religiosity and damnation.

Valerio Bruner, immortalato nei vicoli della sua Napoli
Valerio Bruner, immortalato nei vicoli di Napoli. Foto di Arianna Di Micco 


“Vicarìa,” released in 2023 by Santa Marea Sonora Records and produced by Alessandro Liccardo, is the latest work from Valerio Bruner.

It challenges the digital age, which has made speed its modus vivendi, with Bruner aiming to restore the value of the artist as a keen observer and a provider of experiences and hope.

The title is inspired by “Vicarìa Vecchia,” an ancient district of Naples that Bruner describes in the album as both saint and sinner. It depicts a dark and forgotten Naples, far from the one captured in postcards, but harboring a seething magma within.

The album consists of ten songs that blend rock, folk, and blues with an international sound, telling stories of real life and despair. The lyrics speak of the marginalized, the last and the forgotten, of people who have made wrong choices and live on the fringes of society.

A human bestiary, narrated in the style of Springsteen or Johnny Cash, ranging from the homeless individual in “Ave Maria” (who dies on the steps of Via Duomo amid everyone’s indifference, including God’s) to the transgender sex worker in “Core Mio” who, in a life of marginalization and insults, miraculously continues to believe in love as a means of redemption.

This poetic approach is even more effective considering that Bruner, after starting out in English, has chosen to sing in Neapolitan to make his message more immediate, without mediation or filters, portraying the reality of Naples’ popular neighborhoods like Forcella and Mercato.


“Vicarìa” is an authentic and profound musical experience, where Valerio Bruner’s gritty voice weaves an emotional tapestry with the listener, drawing them into a world that will appeal to lovers of a certain type of folk-rock songwriting tradition.

It is an album that can be appreciated even more knowing that the project goes beyond musical listening, as Bruner aims to make a tangible impact on the community by performing and bringing his message to challenging places like prisons, thereby combining music and social action.

A noble purpose that deserves applause and support. We invite you to discover this Neapolitan singer-songwriter and support the positive contributions that the culture of this wonderful city can offer.

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Written by Silvia Nasti

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