Unveiling Bermondsey’s Beer Mile: A Spirited Journey Through London’s Liquid Gold

Unveiling Bermondsey’s Beer Mile: A Spirited Journey Through London’s Liquid Gold

Nestled within the vibrant heart of London’s Bermondsey borough lies a hidden gem, beckoning both beer enthusiasts and adventurers alike the renowned Bermondsey Beer Mile. This lively stretch of craft breweries and taprooms promises an extraordinary journey through the world of liquid gold, inviting you to join us on a spirited tour as we explore the pulsating beats of this beer-infused paradise.

Before immersing ourselves in the exquisite brews, let’s take a moment to absorb the rich history that saturates Bermondsey. Once an industrial powerhouse, this riverside district has gracefully evolved into a hub of creativity and culture. As you wander through cobbled streets, remnants of the past seamlessly blend with modern graffiti art, setting the stage for a unique and immersive experience.

The Beer Mile officially commences beneath the towering railway arches, home to some of the city’s most celebrated craft breweries. Strap on your walking shoes and prepare your palate for a sensory journey like no other. Each brewery along the way unveils its distinctive character, brewing techniques, and, of course, a carefully curated selection of beers.

Our initial stop is the acclaimed Fourpure Brewing Co., a meeting point where innovation intertwines with tradition. Step into the sleek, industrial-inspired taproom and sample a flight of meticulously crafted beers. From hop-forward IPAs to rich stouts, Fourpure beckons you to explore the diverse flavors composing their liquid portfolio.

But Our beer immersion begins at Cloudwater Brew Co., a trailblazer in craft beer innovation and mastery. Situated in the heart of Bermondsey, Cloudwater invites you on a sensory adventure. The sleek and modern taproom sets the stage for a rotating cast of brews, ranging from aromatic IPAs to rich stouts. Each sip unveils a dedication to quality and artistry that defines Cloudwater’s brewing philosophy. Join us on this journey as we ascend to the pinnacle of craft beer excellence at Cloudwater Brew Co.





Wolksvagen Italian Van Street Food: Culinary Wonders on Wheels

No Beer Mile adventure is complete without a pitstop for gastronomic delights, and Wolksvagen Italian Van Street Food is the epitome of culinary wonders on wheels. Parked nearby, this food truck offers a menu perfectly complementing your beer journey. From savory bites to sweet indulgences, the street food offerings are a perfect accompaniment to your beer-fueled adventure.




Gosnells London Tap Room: Nectar of the Gods Unleashed


Transitioning to a realm of mead magic, our next stop is Gosnells London Tap Room. Here, ancient traditions meet contemporary craft, offering a unique tasting experience surrounded by the echoes of centuries-old mead-making craftsmanship. Dive into the world of honey-based libations as you sip and savor the nectar of the gods in a warm and welcoming taproom atmosphere.


Continuing our adventure, we arrive at DogHouse London Tap Room, where beer enthusiasts and their four-legged friends find common ground. Nestled under the arches, DogHouse combines a cozy taproom with a dog-friendly ambiance. Enjoy a flight of meticulously crafted beers while your canine companion socializes in the dedicated dog area.

No beer pilgrimage is complete without a gastronomic interlude, and Maltby Street Market is the ideal pitstop. Tucked away under the arches, this bustling market offers a myriad of delectable street food options perfectly complementing your beer journey. From artisanal cheeses to gourmet grilled sandwiches, indulge your taste buds in a feast fit for beer enthusiasts.

Venturing further along the Beer Mile, you’ll find yourself at Southwark Brewing Company, nestled near the world-famous Borough Market. This microbrewery boasts a commitment to traditional brewing methods, offering a range of ales and bitters that pay homage to the area’s brewing heritage. Sip on a pint while soaking in the market’s vibrant atmosphere.

As the journey unfolds, we find ourselves at Hop Kingdom, a hoppy haven for beer enthusiasts. This brewery celebrates the power of hops, delivering bold and flavorful brews that showcase the versatility of this essential beer ingredient. From hop-forward IPAs to nuanced pale ales, Hop Kingdom invites you to bow to the hop kingdom’s rule and savor the intricate flavors they have to offer. Hop Kingdom’s dedication to quality and innovation extends beyond its brewing mastery. Within the venue lies the hidden gem, Shate Park, a tranquil oasis that transforms your beer-tasting experience into a leisurely retreat. Picture yourself enjoying a hop-forward IPA amidst lush greenery and perhaps hop-inspired design elements, the soothing sounds of nature enhancing the overall sensory delight.


As the sun sets over Bermondsey, we reach the final stretch of our beer immersion at The Kernel Brewery. Renowned for its commitment to quality ingredients and traditional brewing methods, The Kernel offers a fitting conclusion to the Beer Mile. Savor their iconic pale ales and porters as you reflect on the diverse and flavorful journey you’ve undertaken.



Unwind and Recharge To conclude our beer-infused adventure, we head to Gym Nation – not your typical gym. This unique establishment combines fitness and relaxation, offering a space for patrons to unwind. While you enjoy a post-beer stretch or a light workout. Gym Nation provides the perfect balance to our beer-centric day, ensuring both you and your pup leave feeling rejuvenated.

Bermondsey’s Beer Mile transcends being a mere tour; it’s an immersion into the soul of London’s craft beer scene. From historic streets to innovative breweries, every step reveals a new facet of this liquid gold adventure. So, gather your friends, raise a glass, and embark on a beer-fueled expedition through the heart of Bermondsey, where every pint tells a story and every brewery invites you to be part of the tale. Cheers to the Beer Mile! 

Written by Giovanni Pellegrino



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