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Since 2004 NZIRIA is a Association born in Italy as a reaction against the social and territorial indisposition and it moved everywhere with the purpose to gather people who are interested in alternative events, art, natural landscapes, travel and music. Our job is to help everyone who is bored of the same standards and wants to have a singular cultural experience in the place that is visiting.


The Project _  Rock and Reaction against the social depression. The first slogan was Mo’ Bast! ( Stop Now!) and right after “NZIRIA Fonte di Vita” (Quality and Life). The purpose was to fight any social depression forms through the only one possible weapon: The Rock Music and the Street Art.

 #nziria fonte di vita




2004-2007 Festival _ NZIRIA Zoo

2007-2012 Jam Session _ Parenti Serpenti 


NZiria is a Neapolitan word and it means Whim


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